Yari Ashigaru

Peasants armed with spears

Bow Ashigaru

Peasants armed with bows.

Loan Sword Ashigaru

Peasants armed with swords.

Matchlock Ashigaru

Peasants armed with guns.

Katana Samurai

Katanas are sharp, samurai are skilled. A deadly mix.

No-Dachi Samurai

The large No-dachi has a deadly swing, but will not help much if blocking.

Yari Samurai

Samurai trained in the art of spear-wielding.

Naginata Samurai

Samurai are skilled warriors and can hold a line against anything with their naginatas.

Bow Samurai

Shooting at the enemy is easy. Hitting the target is not.

Matchlock Samurai

Samurai armed with the dishonourable weapon.

Katana Ronin

Masterless Samurai armed with a katana.

Yari Ronin

Masterless Samurai armed with spears.

Bow Ronin

Masterless Samurai trained in the art of archery.

Naginata Warrior Monks

Meditation is only to pass the time for these men, war is where the Gods truly lie.

Naginata Warrior Monk Cavalry

Mounted Warrior Monks riding into battle carrying a naginata.

Bow Warrior Monks

To these monks, archery is like meditation, just with the enemy dying in front of them.

Matchlock Warrior Monks

Religious warriors who hold matchlock guns in their steady hands.

Katana Hero

These warriors have no equal in hand-to-hand combat.

Naginata Warrior Monk Hero

These warriors have few equals. Good against all enemies.

Yari Hero

The best at fighting cavalry in Japan, and they know it.

Bow Hero

A very powerfull, yet small, unit of archers.

Light Cavalry

Weak but fast cavalry, they are great at chasing enemy units.

Yari Cavalry

Good anti-cav cavalry.

Katana Cavalry

Skilled swordsmen, rich enough to charge into battle on horseback.

Bow Cavalry

Skilled samurai trained to shoot while mounted on a horse.

Great Guard

The very best Cavalry available. Great Guard can destroy almost anything with ease.

European Cannons

Castle walls are no match for this imported weapon.

Fire Projecting Mangonels

Setting fires off in a castle and killing off the defenders is a very good tactic.

Fire Rockets

Setting fires in enemy lines is a good idea, and these men have just the weapon for the job.

Fire Bomb Throwers

Throwing pots of explosive gunpowder at the foe, nobody wants to meet these men on the battlefield

Kisho Ninja

Ninjas who fill enemy ranks with explosions and blinding lights.


The general is the single most important man in a battle.

Samurai Retainers

A small unit of fighters arising to defend their master’s castle.

Onna Bushi

Women arising to defend their home while their husbands are away.

Warrior nuns

Killing nuns seems a bit dishonourable, but these nuns fight!


Bandits are found in all places, their life outdoors forces them to learn how to fight.

Bulletproof Samurai

Wearing armour so thick they keep out bullets, these slow samurai can charge straight through musket fire!

Daikyu Samurai

Samurai armed with the Daikyu, a powerful bow.

Fire Cavalry

Mistake not with the flames and embers, but they can do as much damage.

Hand Mortars

Dangerous weapons best used against castles and buildings.

Heavy Gunners

These guns shoot bullets so hard they destroy both armour, man, and building.

Long Yari Ashigaru

Peasants armed with spears… Very long spears indeed.

Marathon Monk

Meditation makes the body and mind as one. These Monks can run very fast and are slow to fatigue.

Mounted Gunners

Men with Arquebuses and mounted on horses.

Wako Raiders

Pirates are forced to fight, otherwise they would not get precious cargo. Using their dishonourable ways to win battles.