By Liam_the_Spartan | Forum thread

We are the Oda, the Masters of Peasentry and Ashigaru. All tremble when hearing our armies on the march!

But conquest will have to wait. A rebel army is threatening out castle and Daimyo. It does not seem to have an important leader, most likely just a greedy lord who has persuaded a few of the common people with his tales and lies. No matter their reasons or strength, they must be destroyed.

Our lands and power are the envy of many, and they wish to take it from us! The feeble Saito the the east do not worry us; our armies can crush them easily.
It is the Imawaga and their vassal, Tokugawa, who we should be wary of.
Within a matter of months, we will have many armies on our doorstep. The small rebel army from the start is destroying our land. The Tokugawa will send an army after a few months and the Imawgawa soon after. Yes, we have many problems in the year 1545, and you will have to be a good General for us to survive this harsh year.

The only Clan we can trust is the Kitabake. We maintain friendly relations and have agreed to trade special goods for the benefit of both.

Owari is situated on the Chubu Plain -A rich and fertile land in central Japan. The province has a Yari Drill Yard, not only are the halls better facilities for our Yari Ashigaru to train, but also a place for Samurai to practice fighting with a spear. We can then recruit these samurai into our armies.

A coastal Village sits on Ise Bay. With a bit of work it can be upgraded to a harbour and if you chose so we can try to dominate the seas.

Apart from the Soil and a few buildings, Owari has no speciality. We must import goods from other lands as we do not own any ourselves at the moment, but our neighbours do!
The Tokugawa region of Mikawa boasts superior warhorses. The horses run all day across the plains, and this makes them faster and stronger. Any cavalry units recruited in this area are far superior to any other. The castle right by Mikawa Bay, from which it was named, would be a good addition to our soon to be empire!

Superior stone can be mined from mountains further north, but we have more pressing issues to attend to right now.

Our armies are the most mighty found in Japan! We train the common folk in the arts of war and arm them well. they are not as good as samurai, but their numbers ensure victory!
Other clans look down at Ashigaru with distaste and pity, adding them to their armies only in times of need. But we understand their importance.

They are good fighters and the way we treat them gives the men better morale than other clans’ ashigaru. They are also cheaper and cost less to maintain healthy and equipped.

We can also recruit a type of Ashigaru none other can; Long Yari Ashigaru. They are trained harder than normal and are armed with extra long spears, making them invincible fighting cavalry. However, there is one problem with these men. Only if you, great lord, purchase a DLC called Sengoku Jidai, will these men be yours to command!

These warriors, under the command of our great Daimyo Oda Nobuhide, make the ground shake and destroy anything in their path. No army, samurai, or daimyo, wants to see our armies marching in their direction!