Ikko Ikki (DLC: Ikko-Ikki)

By Liam_the_Spartan | Forum thread

We are the Ikko Ikki. We are the only clan to believe in the one true religion; the Ikko faith.

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, also known as Ikki, brings hope to people from all across the land. Men take refuge from the cruel ways of Daimyos and their Samurai.

Peasents flock from all corners to our fair lands, and we can recruit these as ashigaru. They are weak, even by ashigaru standards, but are numerous and have high morale, loyal to the Ikko Ikki and its cause.

Samurai have no place in our land, as their ways and behaviour conflict with the safety we offer to all that come to our lands seeking help and peace. Ronin, though, can retain honour and be respected within our borders. We can recruit these strong warriors just as easily as other Daimyos add Samurai to their armies.

Ikko is a powerful faith. Our Warrior Monks train much harder than others, determined to protect our great clan and its religion against any who would oppose us. We can train Naginata Warrior Monks, Bow Warrior Monks and Naginata Warrior Monk Hero far superior to any other clan, except perhaps the great Uesugi clan found further north.

We share another type of unit with the Uesugi that no other clan can produce; Marathon Monks. Monks who run fast and for long periods of time, and are great fighters.

Naginata Warrior Monk Cavalry can be recruited into our armies, destroying all that stand in their way. Another unit unique to our force is the Matchlock Warrior Monks, shooting volleys into the enemy with deadly accuracy.

Many flock to our towns in times of need, but rarely do they come if they are well educated, rich, and living well. Therefore we cannot recruit Metsuke.

Instead, we have a very special monk agent. The Ikko Monks that come from our temples are much better than buddhist monks. Like other religious agents, they convert the populace to their clan religion, spread happiness in friendly cities, inspire armies and demoralise enemy armies.

It is inviting unrest and revolt where the Ikko Monks are special. Instead of just spreading rumours and causing unhappiness, and in the process creating rebellions in enemy territory, they slyly become their friends, persuading and manipulating them. The populace will rebel against the castle owner, but if they succeed in taking the province then they will join your clan and pass over all control just as if you conquered it yourself.

Ikko Monks have a different skill tree to normal Monks. Our Generals also have a unique skill tree and spread the Ikko faith among the lands.

We are not currently at war with anyone, but our religious differences makes many clans dislike us.

Our ancient homeland of Omi was taken from us in times past. We fled to Echizen to rebuild our strenth, and now that we have the Kaga region under our control it is time to muster our strenth and take back that which was taken from us.

We Ikko Ikki are found on the Western Hokuriku Coast. We are one of the few great clans to start with two provinces, and they are both very mountainous. The great Biwa Lake is to the east, Wakasa Bay to the south, and the Noto Peninsula to the north.

The lands we start with in the year 1545 are very rich. Echizen has farms with fertile soil and an Artisans, the latter increasing town wealth and producing luxury goods for us to trade, along with improving the accuracy of all missile units recruited in this province. It also has a coastal village ready to be turned into a harbour.

Kaga has very fertile soil, and the great farms ensure nobody goes hungry, along with creating much town wealth-which compensates the lack of a port. The most valuable building in this region is the blacksmith: It improves the weapons and armour of Ronin recruited from this province. It also has a temple keeping the people happy and spreading the Ikko faith.

That is everything you need to know about our people and their land. It is now up to you, lord, on what you chose to do and how to use our strenth to spread or religion among other castles; subtly or by force!