Hattori (DLC: Limited Edition)

By Liam_the_Spartan | Forum thread

The other Clans fight.
But not all Clans play by the same rules.
One embraces the darkness
one embraces the shadows.
The Hattori are silent, deadly.

We are the Hattori, the Masters of Darkness who march under the black and red banner.

Japan is the homeland of the ninjas. No other place beyond the sea can boast such resourceful, devious, and skilled assassins and saboteurs. No other clan is more knowledgeable on Ninjutsu – the way of the ninja – than we Hattori. Hattori-trained ninjas are famed across the country, from the rocky cliffs of Iwate in the far north to the mikan fields of Satsuma, travelling up and down the land carrying out their masters’ bidding issued from our home province of Iga.

As the only province we rule in the year 1545, the Iga province is located right next to Kyoto, the dwelling of the Ashikaga shoguns for generations. We are on very good terms with the current shogun, who has already approved the exchange of trade rights between his clan and ours.

But deep down, the Ashikaga fears us, and with good reason. Our Ninjas are smiled upon by the Gods, and are better than those commanded by the other clans.

Iga is not a rich land, and its borders are small. It has both a Sake Den and a Mountain Hideout, which houses the infamous Iga-ryû, a training school where superior Ninjas and Kisho Ninjas are produced. Thanks to our long-time traditions we are the only clan to start with a ninja, and Chisato is his name. The man is ready to risk his life for your cause… and for a bit of gold, mochiron. He and his fellow agents will have ample opportunity to prove themselves in our neighboring rivals’ lands.

Not only do our ninjas enjoy marked superiority over their neighboring counterparts, but our infantry are also specially trained in Kisho, the art of stealth operations. The addition of Kisho training for our recruits costs more money, but it is worth the expenses. In battle they can reveal themselves/ deploy very close to the enemy, leaving the poor foe with barely any time but to prepare for an honorable death.

We have an army under the command of a loyal General, Momochi Taketoshi. It is not an experienced army, but they are ready to prove themselves. You have no enemies at the at this time, and you have the advantage of chosing.

The Asai Clan live to the west, by the Biwa Lake. The lake means they never run out of water, and they have very fertile soil, prefect for growing rice, rice for our clan to consume and export should we control their land.

The Kitabatake Clan own a province to the north. It is not very special, but has a port we so desperately need for the bountiful sea trade it may bring us.

The Tsutsui are found to the east, and are an easy target for us. A great temple is constructed in this province, a religious stronghold whose strong command over the people we could commandeer for our own ends.

And to the south lies Kyoto, the formidable citadel atop whose mountain fastness dwells the Muromachi Shogun, protected by a strong garrison of yari, katana, and bows. It would be foolish to declare war on the Shogunate with our present military and economy, never mind our lack of recognition among the clans. To be sure, our clan has the will, and the knowledge necessary to change that.

The Hattori are not rich by most definitions – yet. Iga has been the home of the Hattori for generations, but much of it is covered by high mountains, with scarce enough farmland to provide for our people. The Sake Den bring in a bit of wealth from locals and travellers alike, but we need more. Nearby we have many rich neighbors, and all that wealth just sitting there is certainly very tempting… perhaps it is time to sharpen our weapons, for there is much to be gained from war and the clever use of our mastery of the dark arts. All we need is a leader with a keen eye for opportunities to discreetly manipulate the affairs of other states, and of course a suitably flexible sense of honour…

If you are that master, then we urge you to ready your throwing stars, sharpen your blade, and lead the Hattori to victory!