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We are the Date. We are masters of battle and all fear us. You may find our unforgiving warriors in the northen reaches of Japan.
We are a fierce people who love to be the first to strike, not the first struck. We train our men in a way so they kill many in a deadly charge.

Our people specialise in wielding the No-Dachi. And the samurai we train for this weapon are by far the best of their kind found in Japan.

Civil war has broken out in our lands, and he who once ruled now stalks the land in shame; Our old Diamyo, Tanemune, was dethroned by his eldest son Harumune. Tanemune tried to marry one of his other sons to the Uesugi clan for an alliance. Harumune protected his brother and, backed by many warriors and retainers, took the crown for himself. But Tanemune still lives, it is up to you to kill him and the rebels who stand by him.

Yoshinori is gratefull for the help of his brother and is very loyal to him. He must prove his loyalties and rid of the rebels from our lands.

Our lands

Our Diamyo rules from our home province of Iwate. And what a province it is! Thanks to the sword school found here, men can learn the way of the warrior and train with the deadly katana. These samurai must be given the best weapons possible, the blacksmith here works hard to make weapons and armour worthy for our Katana samurai.

Iwate is a nice place.There a mountains, trees, flowers, water. A river runs to the Eastern Tohoku sea from the mountains found here. To the north there is a majestic bay, the Aomori bay. Iwate is pretty, but does not have the resources we need to go a-conquering!

Currently from the south we trade with the Hatakeyama. We are friendly with these people, but the iron mines they own would look nice with our banners on them. It may not be in our direct interests, but these mines should not be forgotten, as we need iron to forge the weapons that make us so deadly.

Below Miyagi, there are thick woods providing wood far superior to any other found. We could use this wood as a weapon for our navy.

To the west we are at war with the Mogami. They fear us, and it’s only a matter of time before they bow down to us. Once we take their province of Ugo we will have access to the superior stone found in the mountains.

There is a trading post to the north, in the Tsugaru Straights. We should send some merchant ships to collect the resources found there and bring them back to Iwate.

We are a people neither hard nor easy to command. The initial challenge given to you is normal, as there are no inmediate threats.
There is a long path to Kyoto and becoming Shogun, commander. Use your skills and our bravery to lead our people to victory!

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