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We are the Chosokabe, we are masters of the bow found on the Shikoku island.

We respect the way of bows, arrows, and fire. We train our men to be the best in Japan to use this deadly weapon.

Our men are honoured to carry such a weapon in to battle, and guard it with their life. These archery units are cheaper to train and keep up to standard than other clans. And after all the trainning we put them through, they are far superior than others.

Another trait of our people is the way they treat the earth; they are phenomenal farmers. They work the soil like no other people can, and she rewards us with many riches. For we are masters of the land!

We Chosokabe claim descent from the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, so we have reason to be proud.

We were friends once with the Ichijo, and have been under their protection. They helped us reclaim our castle at Oko. Though now we have broken with the Ichijo and it is up to you to destroy the last remaining forces in our lands.

Our Lands

You can find us Chosokabe on the Shikoku island. We start with the province of Tosa, and it’s capital of Kochi. Tosa has a natural richness. It’s farms produce plenty, and from the woods we gain superior wood. We use this wood to build better ships and trade with other clans.

To the north of Tosa there are people calling themselves the Kono. We hate these people! You must gather your forces, march to their capital, and deal with them once and for all!

To the east we trade with Miyoshi. their province of Awa is inhabited by superior horses great for battle, and are trainned for this.

We also share Shikoku with the Sogo clan, there is not much special about them but in their mountains there superior stone is found.

We are currently at peace with these two clans, but they hold many riches to themselves. It would greatly help our cause if we where to claim these provinces as our own.

Shikoku is a rich island. There are plenty mountains, forests, and rivers. It touches many seas. From the sea of Hyuga, the Seto inland sea, with the Kii channel to the east and Bungo channel to the west.

Once this island is secured, it is up to you where you go next. You could go mainland east and have easy access to Kyoto. Or maybe north? The Mori may one day threaten our sea faring. There is a bigger island in the west called Kyushu, securing this island would give us easy access to the great trading posts.

Our people are easy to take charge of, but only if you make it so! Though we are special. So special that if people wish for a glimps of Japan, they look through our eyes. We are also good teachers, and teach begginers how to survive in this crazy place!

Now, general, lead our men to power, Kyoto, and victory!

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