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Topic Subject: Total War: Shogun 2 Patch Released!
posted 07-04-12 11:16 AM EDT (US)   
Change Log:
  • Lighting shader tweaks to improve lighting in battles throughout the game.
  • A Multiplayer crash on host machine when searching for a 4v4 Set-up team siege battle has been fixed.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to play Fall of the Samurai Historical Battles when players owns the stand alone Dragon War Battle Pack and not Total War: SHOGUN 2 Fall of the Samurai.
  • Fix for players becoming stuck during the Avatar Multiplayer Tutorial after searching for a Match Made battle.
  • The "Season" drop down list should now display correctly after changing map in a multiplayer Battle List battle.
  • Wako pirates now have the correct banners in naval battles via the Campaign.
  • Fix to prevent AI trade fleets grouped around occupied trade nodes in Campaign mode.
  • Fix to prevent Mixed Avatars being able to join Battle List battles with 'Mixed Avatars' option turned off.
  • Fix for bug in Avatar Conquest mode where players receiving a clan promotion were shown a message telling them they have been relegated.
  • Desynchronisation (desync) message has been localised to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish.
  • Fix for multiplayer campaign desynchronsiation (desync) when playing between German and Czech players.
  • Improved compatibility with AMD Radeon HD 7 series graphics cards.
  • Fixes to prevent desynchronisation (desync) in Multiplayer Campaign mode.
  • Improved combat animation blending for cavalry.
  • Added localisation to the multiplayer lobby for the status of TEd created maps when they are being shared.
  • Fix for Sea of Japan naval battle map crash.
  • Players can no longer delete the "Sea of Japan" Naval Battle map, and can delete their own maps (Created or shared through TEd) on the battle setup screen UI.
  • Added localisation for battle setup screen UI in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish.
  • The patch has already gone live on Steam so do not be surprised if you notice your Total War: Shogun 2 installation downloading a hundred megabytes, or two.

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