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Topic Subject: Moving on
posted 05-19-12 06:37 AM EDT (US)   
Dear all,

Just over six years ago, I first stumbled across HG, looking for info on Rome: Total War, but somehow ending up at Age of Kings Heaven, where I joined the network and made my first post. A year or so later I actually got RTW and slowly moved from AoKH to RTWH. Another year or so later, in 2008, Colin (then seraph of RTWH with yak) asked me to join the staff team which I of course was happy to. Initially I worked on articles for RTWH, where I later became seraph. I also helped setting up sites for Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2 of which I'm the seraph at this moment.

The journey described above took six years, years which I've thoroughly enjoyed. I've had my ups and downs during that time, becoming more and less and more and less active as time went by. As you will have noticed, my activity during the past few months has been at a very low level. The simple reason for this is I've changed during the last 6 years, and I no longer enjoy patrolling the forums and writing articles as much I used to. My studies have also become more time and energy demanding, and since I've quit swimming I'm enjoying the fun parts of student life more and more. Additionally, last month I got confirmation that I can spent the Autumn semester studying at a university in Sweden.

As you can imagine, preparations for this will take up more of my time. This, for me, has been the straw that breaks the camel's back: I cannot reasonably expect to have time for and interest in becoming more active at HG again in the foreseeable future. Therefore I have decided to resign my position at HG. The network has been a part of my life for years, but at this point I think it's best for myself and HG if I step back.

My time at HG has come to an end, but a great time it was. For all the good times I've had, I owe a big thank you to the entire community. Your forum posts and e-mails, your critiques and comments, your hints and tips, your jokes and quirks are what's given color to my time at HG, and have made it into a great, great time. Thanks for everything you've shown me, thanks for everything you've taught me, thanks for everything.



posted 05-19-12 08:32 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4  
It's been a slice seeing your posts and such. You'll be missed. Fair winds and following seas to you.

Life was much easier before I developed a sense of ethics.
posted 05-19-12 09:21 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4  
I wish you the best of luck.
posted 05-22-12 02:29 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4  
Thank you hussarknight i owe some of my best strageys to you and your aritules\guides

Rome 2 is coming
celebrate with this
posted 06-13-12 05:05 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4  
Farewell, Hussarknight.

Your life is moving on, and that's only to be expected. The only constant is change.

Best luck and wishes for your studies and the time ahead.

"Into the face of the young man who sat on the terrace of the Hotel Magnifique at Cannes there had crept a look of furtive shame, the shifty, hangdog look which announces that an Englishman is about to talk French." - P.G. Wodehouse, The Luck of the Bodkins
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