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Topic Subject: Hojo Walkthrough
posted 12-03-11 10:19 AM EDT (US)   
Hojo Walkthrough

Turn 1
As you will notice, there is an Ogigayatsu army in your province right at the start. Your capital is far away from this, so reinforcements from there wonít arrive in time. You can wait and build your army, but the Ogiyatsu will build just as quickly so you wonít gain any advantage. That means youíre best off attacking the army on turn 1, using both your field army and your Daimyo from the nearby town.

Since your Daimyo can fight night battles and gives +1 morale to all your troops, send him to join the army and move the other general away from it. Place him close to the enemy army, so an arrow indicating it can re-inforce in a battle against it appears. Then attack the army with your Daimyo and his men. This will make both your generals a commanding general, so they both earn experience. Winning the battle may be difficult, if youíre having trouble take a look at this replay

After the battle, move the army to the border of the province, again placing the general close behind.

Recruit one Yari Ashigaru and one Bow Ashigaru to the field army. Construct Improved Irrigation in Sagami. Start research on The Way of Chi.

Turn 2
Send the new recruits to join the army. Build roads in Sagami.

Turn 3

Youíll get a missions to capture Musashi (the Ogigayatsuís only province), so go ahead and besiege the town, again moving your second general close to act as reinforcements. Assault the castle and occupy it. Repair the castle, leave taxes on for now. Move the new recruits from Sagami towards Musashi.
Start researching Todofuken. Upgrade the mines in your capital province, Izu.

Turn 4
The Bow Ashigaru will reach Musashi. Depending on how many men youíve got left over from the battle, public order may still be below 0. If it is, exempt the province from taxes until itís safe to start collecting them again.
Build Improved Irrigation and Roads in Musashi and if possible a military building of your choice in Izu. Recruit a unit of your choice in Musashi.

Middle Campaign
From here you have two choices: continue expanding north-east or turn around and start expanding south-west towards Kyoto. On a short campaign I prefer going south, so I have around 20 provinces when I reach Kyoto, then I only need 5 more to win. On a long campaign or on Domination I prefer going further north, as thereís less to clans to get angry with you and the south is easier to defend.

Expanding north
Start by taking the provinces around Edo Bay, then go for Hitachi and Shimotsuke. Shimotsuke has a nice bottleneck on the northern border so you can defend there while expanding west into Kozuke and North Shinano.

Expanding south
The Takeda will most likely have emptied Kai to expand north, so you can swoop in and take their capital. This makes your north-western flank easier to defend and gives you access to horses to improve your cavalry. From there you can expand along the coast.

posted 12-03-11 11:09 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Due to the some what unpredictable nature of the AI one will also want to keep a close eye on long time enemies the Imagawa Clan, whom one shares an uneasy peace treaty with at the start of the campaign. So keep a close eye on relations with the Imagawa Clan to try and anticipate whether or not they are planning an invasion. As this can hamper plans to quickly deal with the Ogigayatsu Clan, due to the sometimes necessary redeployment of troops to your border with the Imagawa Clan.

On the bright side if the Imagawa Clan do invade and one successfully repulses them then often one can conquer all of the Imagawa Clan's provinces wiping them out of existence. From there one can either force vassal status on to the Tokugawa Clan through diplomacy, or take advantage of the Oda-Tokugawa war to nab at least a further one or two provinces.
posted 02-07-12 06:52 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
As long as no one else has anything else to add then I think we are long overdue to consider this done. I'll be doing the necessary work to put the article on the front page, or in the articles section rather.
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