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Topic Subject: Shimazu Walkthrough
posted 04-13-11 08:29 AM EDT (US)   
All comments and suggestions are greatly welcomed. I'm still looking for a few pictures to include with this, if you happen to have one or two lying around let me know.


This guide was written and tested while playing on Very Hard difficulty. Other difficulty levels may pose different challenges, but this should work as a guideline in all cases.

In the far south of Japan, the Shimazu have an excellent starting position: quick access to the trade points, an easily defensible island as home region and some nice clan bonuses they池e a popular choice among Shogun 2 players. Below you値l find a walkthrough to help you make the most from their huge potential. The first six turns are described on a turn-by-turn basis. When you've completed those you値l be on your way to controlling the trade points around the south coast, you値l have eliminated the Ito, and you値l have started recruiting the Katana Samurai backbone of your armies. After that this guide contains more general directions for the rest of the campaign.

Early campaign

Turn 1
Send your daimyo from your capital to join your army, then march towards the first Ito town and besiege it. As you値l see, there痴 a small garrison and a bigger army nearby. To minimize your casualties, you should assault immediately. If you then deploy on the right-hand side of the map you値l be able to cut of the re-inforcements before they can join the castle defenders. With numbers and topography on your side you can beat them with minimal casualties before capturing the castle. When asked, choose to occupy it. This will complete the mission 摘stablish a Foothold which gives you one extra recruitment slot in all provinces for four turns.

Train a unit of Katana Samurai at your capital and start building a harbour in the coastal village. Repair the castle in your newly conquered town. Public order is so low exempting them from tax won稚 keep them satisfied, so keep the taxes on for now. Start researching Bushido. Your turn is over.

Turn 2
Osumi is too unruly right now to leave already, so recruit two Yari Ashigaru and adjust taxes as needed. Start construction on roads in Satsuma to let you move armies about quicker.

Turn 3
Start research on Strategy of Attack. You値l want to get Way of the Sword as soon as possible to further boost your Katana Samurai and get a free unit of them for the mission you get on turn 2. Send your newly trained Katana Samurai to Osumi. When they get there, turn taxes back on.

Your harbour is finished, so build a Bow Kaboya there. These will be used to hold the trading points while you池e building trading ships.

Turn 4
Osumi should be stable enough to move your army on. Take both the daimyo and general with you, but leave one unit of Yari Ashigaru behind and exempt the city from taxes to keep the populace under control. Train another unit of Yari Ashigaru in Osumi to help stabilize the province. Build a trading port in Satsuma to continue towards the recruitment of trade ships. Send your newly recruited Bow Kobaya to capture the trade point directly south of your port.

With your army, march north into the Ito province. You will suffer casualties from attrition but in my opinion it痴 worth it because you can get to the Ito city sooner. If you encounter an Ito army, attack it and take it out. If you don稚 find any Ito they will probably attack you during their turn. The area provides some nice hills you can use to defend so you should be able to defeat them. Don稚 forget to use your generals to mob up enemy routers so you don稚 have to fight them again. Move as far as possible towards Hyuga痴 castle town.

Turn 5
Move your army further towards the castle of Hyuga, dealing with any Ito (remnants from the previous army or new troops) as you encounter them. Train another Bow Kobaya at Setsuma.

Turn 6
The army can now besiege Saito, Hyuga痴 castle. The size of the garrison depends on whether you encountered an Ito army in turn 5, so see and decide for yourself if you want to attack the castle yet. If you don稚 they値l probably sally when you end your turn, which gives you a good opportunity to use a defensive position on a hill to defeat them. In both cases, occupy the settlement.

Train a unit of Yari Ashigaru in Osumi and a unit of Katana Samurai in Setsuma. Start research on Way of the Sword and move your new Bow Kobaya to the trade point south-west of your position.

Turn 7
If you haven稚 captured the Ito castle yet, go ahead and occupy the province now. With Hyuga under your control you have a solid base on Kyushu.

Middle Campaign
With a firm base on Kyushu you can take a short break to build your economy and forces. Construct as many trade ships as you can and send them to occupy the trading zones around you. When you can afford it build a navy to protect your trade ships from pirates and enemy clans. Also don't forget to upgrade your farms and roads as they earn a lot of money in the long term and will make you less dependent on trade income.

During this time prepare for war to conquer the rest of Kyushu. The Shoni and Sagara are likely to launch an attack on you so always be prepared to defend and strike back. The A.I. is often vulnerable to a counterattack so after fending of an enemy army launch an attack immediately. This will help you gain control of Kyushu, although of course you should take the initiative and attack your enemies whenever you're strong enough. Keep using Katana Samurai as the backbone of your armies to replace any left over ashigaru.

With Kyushu united under your banner you have two options: you can cross the landbridge in the north to invade Honshu or invade Shikoku by sea. I prefer the last, as the island doesn稚 provide a big enough base for the Chosokabe to become very powerful. More importantly, Shikoku is a good base to launch attacks on Honshu and it puts you close enough to strike at Kyoto with less risk of being struck yourself.

If you choose this path, it is a good idea to ally with whoever controls the southern-most part of Honshu so your flank is secure.

Late campaign

After capturing Shikoku you should start preparing for the realm divide. Get your navy ready to defend your trade ships and sink enemy invasion fleets. I壇 recommend you specialize one or two generals in naval combat to help with this, while two others specialize in land combat.

When you feel you池e strong and rich enough to take on the other clans it is time to invade Honshu. By now, one or two clans will dominate everything west of Kyoto, so there値l be a good amount of poorly defended provinces. This is where you should strike first, as it will give you a base of operations at low cost. Attack from two sides: land one army in the south-west of Honshu and the other south-east of Kyoto. These two can squash the other clans between them and later on meet at Kyoto to take down the old shogunate together.

After you致e conquered a couple of regions the shogun will get angry and declare you an enemy of the state. The remaining clans will declare war on you; only your closest allies may stay on your side, but over time your relationship will deteriorate and they will abandon you. Gifting large amounts of cash can keep them on your side, but this isn't worth it as it's cheaper to raise another army and conquer them.

The most important thing to remember is to keep moving. All the other clans combined are more powerful than you so you can稚 win by only defending. Don稚 wait for new buildings to start recruiting new units, push on with what you have as far as you can. This is no time for rest, this is a time for total war.

When your armies finally reach Kyoto they should be able to take it without too much casualties, if you use them together. Thanks to the lake the area around Kyoto is easy to defend, so use this to your advantage and take a while to replenish your armies and re-build your economy.

After four seasons you will be the new shogun. You still need some more regions for victory, so send your armies further to the north and east and simply capture as many as you need.

Now then , victory is yours! The Shimazu banner drifts across Japan and you are Shogun! Congratulations!


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posted 04-13-11 09:15 AM EDT (US)     1 / 15  
5th paragraph - Hyushu=>Kyushu

Other than that, good stuff. I feel that during the second section and certainly in the final section it starts to become more general strategy than Shimazu specific though. One could use the exact same strategy for the Chosokabe and arguably the Mori and possibly Date as well. Maybe more information specific to the use of Shimazu Katana Samurai or something more clan specific would help that feeling. Otherwise I'd recycle the information into a more general and in-depth discussion of overall campaign strategies.
posted 04-13-11 12:36 PM EDT (US)     2 / 15  
...and start sending tradeships and sending them to...
This sounds a bit wrong.
posted 04-14-11 05:57 AM EDT (US)     3 / 15  
5th paragraph - Hyushu=>Kyushu
...and start sending tradeships and sending them to...
I feel that during the second section and certainly in the final section it starts to become more general strategy than Shimazu specific though. One could use the exact same strategy for the Chosokabe and arguably the Mori and possibly Date as well. Maybe more information specific to the use of Shimazu Katana Samurai or something more clan specific would help that feeling.
Hmm, fair point. I'll see if I can summarize the more general part and add a bit about Shimazu-specific strategy, although I do want to keep this focused on strategy and not tactics.

posted 06-21-11 01:50 PM EDT (US)     4 / 15  
Did this not go on the site in the end? Or have you just not got round to it?
posted 06-21-11 04:37 PM EDT (US)     5 / 15  
I haven't gotten around to it yet, and I still want to look at making it a bit more Shimazu-specific first.

posted 06-23-11 03:58 PM EDT (US)     6 / 15  
One generally unlisted advantage/disadvantage of the Shimazu is how easily they can convert to Christianity. The initial blow is harsh unless you've prepared for it and you'll always have the diplomatic penalty but it can help the number of trade routes you can establish but most importantly opens up the Naban Quarter and those beautiful Naban Trade Ships. The cost and upkeep of the caravels may be pricy but they have a better range than the japanesse ships, can generally fight off japanesse ships of equivalent cost, and can also sit on a tradepost to generate income to help pay for itself. I find a few of these can pretty much cover all the southern posts and even just one Naban ship guarding/trading on a post is probably cheaper than providing some other defense.

Now as a Chirstian advancing into Shinto territory is a bit harder due to religious unrest so picking how to go is harder. If you can avoid a greater war I like moving into a region with lots of neighbors and then putting up a church to convert both my population and that of all the neighbors. With good strategic placement churches could be converting the neighbors faster than your own provinces. Another thing I've observed about conversion is that it happens fastest when all three religions are in the same region. I've sent missionaries into a region and seen the percentage of my religion go up MORE THAN the expected amount; by this I've had something like a +7% conversion rate yet seen my religion gain +10% of the population for the season.
posted 06-30-11 08:49 AM EDT (US)     7 / 15  
I've decided to merge the turn-by-turn walkthrough of the first few turns with the more general walkthrough I wrote for the entire campaign. Result is in the OP, as always all comments are appreciated.

posted 06-30-11 09:00 AM EDT (US)     8 / 15  
It looks a lot better merged together like this, I may have some Sceenies for you, will check.
posted 07-02-11 07:07 PM EDT (US)     9 / 15  
From end of Middle Campaign:
If you choose this path, it is a good idea to ally with whoever controls the southern-most part of Honshu so your flank is secure.
You can also recommend placing a fleet on the landbridge. Because you can't cross it if it has a fleet on it. So even if they decalre war on your Clan, they will need to build a navy to get through.
posted 07-03-11 01:00 PM EDT (US)     10 / 15  
You can also recommend placing a fleet on the landbridge. Because you can't cross it if it has a fleet on it. So even if they decalre war on your Clan, they will need to build a navy to get through.
Ah yes, I didn't knew that when I wrote that, will add. If you have any screenies please share them, the last two sections could use a few.

posted 07-17-11 11:45 AM EDT (US)     11 / 15  
Loving the walkthrough. Decided to try out Shimazu for my first legendary campaign but didnt look at a walkthrough at first and now my game is pretty messed up. The benefit though: It really really becomes your own game and it isnt following a manual. Everything happens because you decided something early on.

For example:
I did not take out the "red colored clan" to the north. I allied him. I only had the two bottom provinces focused on taking the trade nodes and I have had them all since the beginning. Converted to christianity. Satsuke (the capital right?) has been growing like CRAZY since the beginning and now yields an amazing income. Took out chosokabe and have that whole island. Then launched a deep atk with my black ship fleet to one of the northern provinces where Date was hanging out. Anyways, right now getting crushed between Ikko Ikko, Date and another clan. I think I might be able to win though cause I have such a crazy income with 4 towns yielding 3000-4000 income using maxed out metsukes.

IRL in Kyoto, Japan.
IG i own all of Japan.
posted 08-11-11 07:49 PM EDT (US)     12 / 15  
A bit late, but here are a few screenies. They are all quite the same but you can pick which one looks the nicest.

posted 08-15-11 04:09 PM EDT (US)     13 / 15  
Now published:

Thanks for the screenies Liam, I've added one of them on the site.

posted 10-13-11 06:32 AM EDT (US)     14 / 15  
A different approach has to be taken for Legendary, I think.

With Legendary, the AI has much much larger armies in the beginning, and clans become more powerful (absorbing smaller ones) much quicker. You must thus use a lot of diplomacy and deceit.

You have to produce a mix of both katana and ashigaru to stay in competition, though katana become quite useful in ambushes.

On Legendary, there is no slo-mo, so against a large army I have to wait in ambush for the Ito army to come along. I concentrated first on Mastery of Arts to get Terrace technology (because economy is more important in legendary at first) and then focused on morale.

You often have to detach your daimyo from an army in the beginning in order to ensure your general advances in rank -- because you need a two-star general in the very early game as Military Advisor to boost your replenishment rate.

After capturing Osumi, I build up economy and my forces and wait for the Ito to besiege my city. After defeating their assault (the siege is actually difficult), I can capture their last province with little difficulty. I make them a vassal as a buffer against the northern provinces.

Note at this point your profit stream is 500-600+ generally.

Sagara declares war on me. It chose to attack me directly rather than go after my vassal (which was still weak), which met my army lying in ambush near the bridge. Following their defeat, you capture their capital province which is quite rich (compared to the others), allowing you to expand your army. Sagara will probably have conquered that other province north of Higa, but they will sue for peace and you can make them a vassal. (Note that "fragile" or "weak" clans are still quite strong on Legendary.)

Maintain peace with the Shoni, and with luck they'll go off and invade Honshu through the land bridge (causing headaches for the Kikkawa and Takaoka and the like). Wait for them to conquer 2-3 provinces on Honshu. Their rich heartland will be remain lightly defended and then you strike. You can easily capture their two other provinces (very rich) in the next two turns, and meet their monstrous revenge army by the land bridge or by your castle. After defeating that army the Shoni will be caught between you and the Takaoka.

At some point the Ito might rebel as well (in Legendary, your vassals are less forgiving of past offences), but only if you let them slip into hostile. After defeating the Shoni (I annexed the Sagara amicably), you might re-conquer the Ito, but only for good. I suggest allowing them to be vassal in the first place because at first they are a critical buffer against the Sagara and the Shoni, and this buffer is immensely important on Legendary.

The middle game can proceed from here.

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posted 10-15-11 11:47 AM EDT (US)     15 / 15  
Hi Swra Latckretcnin, welcome to TWH!

Thanks for your comment regarding Legendary, I greatly appreciate it. I don't play it a lot if at all myself so any input regarding that is welcome. I'll add a link at the top of the article to your post so people can find it more easily.

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