Multiplayer Ladder Administrator, Content Contributor & Moderator I’m EnemyofJupitor, known to all in real life as James. I’m a lower-sixth form student in Bedfordshire doing Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography. Outside of school, I also do am-dram (plays or musicals) and music (Including the County First Band), but also enjoy sports such as football or rugby, and generally curling up beside the fire with a good book- historical fiction, of course. My games I regularly play include M2TW, BFME2 and Dawn of War. I first stumbled on HG January 2004, looking for AoK hints and tips. I registered at AoKH, posted a grand total of 204 posts, and left. It wasn’t until 2005 when I really got into Rome: Total War that I visited HG again, this time staying. Since then, I’ve posted with many different people both here at TWH and at BFME2H, which I first posted in with a passing interest and ended up being co-seraph with Sir Hugh, and I’ve loved it- despite being continually teased due to the typo in my user name. What can I say? I didn’t have a spell checker in those days!


Rome: Total War Site Director, Content Contributor & Moderator I became intensely interested in Republican Rome while earning my bachelor’s degree in History, back in the days when Atari Pong was the hottest video game there was. As time went on and PC gaming took off, I found games including Roman units. Age of Empires:The Rise of Roman was fun, as was Caesar’s Battles and The Punic Wars. Then I found Rome:Total War, and have been happily living in the past ever since. You can find me there almost every day, directing my forces to crush the opposing forces in a crescendo of clanging hand-held steel on armor.

Outside my virtual realm, I was an Armor officer during the First Gulf War and have gone since civilian. I am the proud father of two wonderful girls and work as a warehouse manager. I am still interested in history, especially Roman, but have since branched into Vikings and the Dark Ages as well.


Site Director, Content Contributor & Moderator Commanding Roman Legions and protecting the interests of the Scipio family, how could life get any better.

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