Total War: Shogun 2 Heaven



We are the Oda, the Masters of Peasentry and Ashigaru. All tremble when hearing our armies on the march!

Ikko Ikki

We are the Ikko Ikki. We are the only clan to believe in the one true religion; the Ikko faith. Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, also known as Ikki, brings hope to people from all across the land...


We are the Hattori, the Masters of Darkness who march under the black and red banner. Japan is the homeland of the ninjas...


Living in the southern most tip of Japan, the Shimazu are a good clan for your first campaign.


We are the Chosokabe, we are masters of the bow found on the Shikoku island. We respect the way of bows, arrows, and fire. We train our men to be the best in Japan to use this deadly weapon.


We are the Date. We are masters of battle and all fear us. You may find our unforgiving warriors in the northen reaches of Japan. We are a fierce people who love to be the first to strike, not the first struck. We train our men in a way so they kill many in a deadly charge.

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