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Topic Subject:A few questions about the game
posted 08-26-13 03:57 AM EDT (US)         
Hello there everyone. I do not have the game but I am considering buying it eventually. I have some questions about the game.

1. I have noticed that you can't build any forts or watchtowers? Why is that?

2. Can you build whatever you please in a settlement or do you have to tear down one building in order to build some other building? If the latter, why?

3. Are there any mercenaries in the game, which can be recruited immediately as seen in the games up to Medieval 2?

4. Can ninjas infiltrate settlements?

5. Why do you have to pay your agents extra money to do missions? Do they not have upkeep?

6. Are you forced to sally immediately when an enemy army besieges one of your settlements? If yes, why?

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TWH Seraph
posted 08-26-13 03:35 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
1. Not sure why that is. Has not been possible since Empire: Total War, if I remember correctly. Maybe it is an engine thing, or perhaps the game designers at The Creative Assembly thought they didn't suit their vision for future games.

2. Limited building slots available, which you can gain more of by upgrading the level of Castle. Supposedly to enhance the number of meaningful strategic decisions It certainly forces some interesting trade offs and decisions at times, some people will obviously prefer the old system though.

3. No recruitable mercenaries like in Rome or Medieval 2.

4. Do not think they can infiltrate settlements the same way agents do in Rome or Medieval 2. My memory may be wrong though, late night.

5. Could be wrong since it has been a while since I looked at the figures, but I cannot remember agents having an upkeep price. So that may indeed be why Agent Actions cost money to perform, due to no upkeep.
posted 08-26-13 04:18 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
I think that they didn't implement them in S2 because they didn't really fit into the time period like in Rome with the fortified camps the Romans built, though I may be wrong.
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