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Total War: Shogun 2 Heaven » Forums » Campaign & General Discussion » XII Awards Presentation- In the Tea Garden of the Sun of Heaven
Topic Subject:XII Awards Presentation- In the Tea Garden of the Sun of Heaven
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 02-15-12 05:33 AM EDT (US)         
Konnichi-wa, tono-san. Welcome to the Emperor’s Tea Garden. Today we are having a special tea ceremony, to celebrate the samurai, senseis, and daimyos of the Shogun’s Heaven.

I see you have met HussarKNight, Lenardius VII, Scipii, and BastWorshipper. They were awarded those Geishas on their arms as a reward for being the nicest of us. At the side of Scipii stands Terikel Grayhair. Those two are honored as the winners of the Confucius Award for being most intelligent. Unfortunately, with his hand up under the kimono of the geisha, the Old One does not seem to be living up to his name at the moment. Our resident Ronin, Liam and CommanderVideo, might notice- and no living man can predict what either of those two will do with that knowledge should they see….

Ah, here comes the Son of Amaterasu now. See those samurai at his side? The three on the left are Shengen Takeda- the best newcomer. You may know them as Liam_the_Spartan, LordTaeglan, and Scenter102. To the right are the most famous of the old daimyo- given the honorific title of Oda Nabunaga. They ares also known as HussarKnight, Terikel Grayhair, and AFF92 in the Heavens. Brilliant men, worthy of the title. To the right of the Odas you may espy the group awarded the title of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the most underrated of all daimyo. They go by the monikers of Latinium, bmlinsey, and BastWorshipper in your halls.

Ah, I see the Emperor is approaching the shrine to his illustrious forebears. Notice the grace in his bow, and the deepness of the others. One would think that Aftermath was his Honorable Ancestor. That most-missed of us is not the actual ancestor, but it fits nice in the story. Aftermath, we do miss thee!

The emperor rises. He reaches out his hands. The faithful Samurai Retainers, Liam, HussarKnight, and Scipii, who have been awarded the title for being the most helpful in gameplay, lays a dai-sho in his hands. Ah, the swords of the samurai. These are gorgeous weapons, sharp as a tiger’s claw and as graceful as a mantis on the hunt. He hands the smaller of the swords, the wakizashi, to Liam, our funniest forummer, as a reward for his gift of laughter and humor. The longer sword, the Katana, he awards to BastWorshipper, as a token of his admiration for he who works the hardest for the good of the Shogun’s Heaven.

He opens a scroll, then nods and closes it. He calls forth Hussarknight, Liam, and Afty.

“Honorable samurai, we present thee with the Bushido Scroll for thy excellent treatise on samurai warcraft.”

He opens another scroll, then calls forth Scipii, Terikel Grayhair, and Afty.

“Honorable roshi, this Chi Scroll is awarded to you for thy enlightening work in regards to our imperial history.”

The emperor turns to face his assembled guests. “Learned wisdom has been honored, and our ancestors placated with incense. They give us their blessings, on this noble day. HussarKnight, please come forward. You have displayed great skill in the leading of our samurai. For this, we reward thee with the title of Tai-Shou, general. Arigato, Tai-shou.”

The emperor nods, and HussarKnight bows deeply.

“Scenter102, your vast improvement in our sphere has not gone unnoticed. For this remarkable display of self-discipline, we award thee the title of Daimyo.”

“Our most mature samurai has been decreed the Award of the Forty Seven Ronin, for their obvious maturity and sense of honor. These samurai is none other than HussarKnight, WarGuppy, and Scipii.”

The emperor turns from the Forty Seven Ronin awardees to face his guests once again. “We have all enjoyed reading ‘So, what is going on in your campaign?, What are you better at? Defending or Besieging a castle?’ both by Aftermath, the best game thread of our Heaven, and employing our Yari Cavalry, Katana Samurai, Naginata Samurai, Kisho Ninja , or leading our favorite clans Takeda, Ikko Ikki, Hattori. These all can do. But alas, only one warrior among us can qualify as the most likely to be promoted. This warrior would normally hereby awarded the Ashigaru Award. But alas, no peasant has been so nominated, thus this award is returned to Heaven to await a fitting recipient..”

The emperor turned to his guests. “My ancestors and I thank you for your dutiful service and devotion.” Then he bowed deeply to his guests, showing them such an honor such as no man alive has ever seen. “This concludes the presentation of awards. Now, let us gather by the table and enjoy a nice cup of tea, to be followed by sake and geishas until long into the night.”


S2TWH Geisha Award (Nicest Forumer) –
HussarKnight, Lenardius VII, Scipii, Bastworshipper

S2TWH Confucius Award (Most Intelligent Forumer) -
Terikel, Scipii

S2TWH Wakizashi Award (Funniest Forumer) –

S2TWH Ronin Award (Craziest Forumer) –
Liam, CommanderVideo

S2TWH Forty-Seven Ronin Award (Most Mature Forumer) -
HK, Warguppy, Scipii

S2TWH Shengen Takeda Award (Best Newbie )-
Liam, LordTaeglan, scenter102

S2TWH Oda Nabunaga Award (Best Oldie )-
HussarKnight, Terikel, AFF92

S2TWH Ieyasu Tokugawa Award (Most Underrated Forumer )-
Latinium, bmlinsey, Bastworshipper

S2TWH Katana Award (Non-staff forumer who works hardest for the good of S2TWH) -

S2TWH Daimyo Award (Most Improved Forumer) -

S2TWH Honorable Ancestor Award (Most missed TWH Forumer) –

S2TWH Samurai Retainer Award (Most Helpful S2TWH Forumer - gameplay) -
Liam, HussarKnight, Scipii

S2TWH Taishou Award (Best S2TW Online Player) –

S2TWH Ashigaru Award (Most Likely to be Promoted) –
S2TWH Bushido Scroll Award (Best S2TWH Gameplay Article) -
Shimazu Walkthrough by HK, Ninja! by Liam , Nanban + Christianity - Afty

S2TWH Chi Scroll Award (Best S2TWH History Article) –
A Tactical Revolution: The Arquebus by Scipii,The Daisho -- The Mark of the Samurai by Terikel, The Nanban and Christianity by Afty

S2TWH Best Game Thread-
So, what is going on in your campaign?, What are you better at? Defending or Besieging a castle? both by Aftermath

S2TW Favorite Unit –
Yari Cavalry, Katana Samurai, Naginata Samurai, Kisho Ninja

S2TW Favorite Faction –
Takeda, Ikko Ikki, Hattori

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HG Alumnus
posted 02-15-12 08:03 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Thanks for this Terikel, well written as usual

Congrats to all the nominees (aka winners )

A f t y


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TWH Seraph
posted 02-15-12 12:28 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
A most honourable display Terikel-san, Imperial Prestige has increased as a result. Clan honour for all those involved hath increased, leading to new found loyalty among thy vassals.

Congratulations to all the winners.
posted 02-15-12 04:28 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Ah damn! I was just about to post the presentation...

Well done everyone!
posted 02-20-12 11:46 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Very good, Terikel. I particularly like the tea ceremony setting.

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