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Topic Subject:Heroic sort of victories
posted 01-22-12 01:34 PM EDT (US)         
As Oda, I had to guard a level one fort with 2530 men comprising 1 general, 1 katana cavalry, 2 katana samurai, 6 ashigaru archers and 10 yari ashigarus. The Hojo attacked me with 4 armies comprising four generals, about 4 to 6 katana samurais, lots of ashigaru archers and yari ashigarus. Their total number was 6166 men. It ended with a close victory, with me losing 1150 men and the enemy 4038. But I felt heroic anyway. Anyone with heroic stories to share, even if not necessarily ending with a heroic victory?
Ibuprofen Redux
posted 01-23-12 11:44 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
I had a heroic victory on Saturday, playing as Shimazu against the green minor clan north and east of the Mori starting location (was it the Urakami?). They had about 3200 troops spread out over two armies to my 2100. I managed to surround the first army taking advantage of some forest to hide my yari and naginata samurai, then turn on the reinforcements as they arrived. They did have some katana and yari samurai of their own, but for some reason probably 1800-2000 of their troops were bow samurai or bow ashigaru. I think they were on their way to assault Iwami province; I wanted to cut them off before I lost my gold mine! Anyway, I got a heroic victory marker, I probably lost around half of my troops but killed c. 2500 of them, with a lot of routers, since the first army had several generals in it and I killed all but one, if I remember right.

Yours is even more impressive though! When I fight siege defenses it seems like at the end my beleaguered men sit behind the walls having killed the enemy melee infantry while getting bombarded by the arrows of about 60% of the army! I usually wait until they run out of ammunition and try to scale the walls, rather than risk sallying and being surrounded.

"...angry men must also be strong, if they would achieve their purpose."
posted 01-23-12 12:28 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
It's hard to understand what the game considers as heroic victory. As far as I know, you only get one when you are outnumbered and the enemy's losses are way more than yours. From your battle, I think the AI also takes into account your troop types though I might be wrong. Still, great job for you!

I was actually lucky, sort of. After I repulsed the first three enemy armies, the last one just had one unit waiting at the edge of the map doing nothing. Perhaps a bug. I knew if I left my castle defenses to attack it, its reinforcements might appear and overpower my badly depleted troops. So I left it and waited for the timer to run out.

Overall, it was still a very tough fight because the enemy army had vastly superior numbers of archers. I had to use my limited cavalry units very carefully to keep as many alive as possible for taking out their archers. I left my men in loose formation to lessen my losses from arrows until the enemy scaled the walls, then switched to tight. I also sent my cavalry out the back door to eliminate isolated enemy archers. Once most of the enemy melee infantry had been taken care of, I sallied my men to mop up their archers and the battle was pretty much won by then. It's always a good idea to harass the enemy archers or do hit and runs on them with your cavalry to disrupt their attacks on your defending troops. If they send their spears against your cavalry, pull back and lure them into your archer fire from the walls. This works well as long as your ammo does not run out.

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posted 01-26-12 11:09 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
its hard to understand what kind we need to do to get heroic or decisive victory. Sometime i killed over a thousand samurais and lost like 500 ashigaru and it say costly victory

not again...
TWH Seraph
posted 02-01-12 01:44 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Rather then try to re-explain the entire situation I can easily sum up one of my most epic battles, which was fittingly a Heroic Victory, with this! I probably should have gotten a picture of the Takeda army too just to sum up what a mighty force it was I had to defeat, not only was I outnumbered I was outmatched by a vastly superior Samurai army with much experience if I remember the situation correctly.
posted 02-10-12 04:59 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
i have to say the most heric victoray i ever had was date vs takada i had bulit up my forces and done a blitzkreige against them taking fuka shime spliting my army in 2 taking one north to echico and one south to somewhere else the south army crushed 3 city in quick suscsecion while the north met heavy resitnaiste the north composed of 2 katatna 2 no dchi 2 genrals both 2 star one bow ashigura and one nagamata each unit had 5 exp i met in combat a takada army of 8 bow ashiguru 4 bow samurai and 2 yari ashguri

the frist thought i had was holy crap then there arrows will blot out the sun next was thats it i just have to win

my stragey due t my infantry supeiority was put up shileds with my archrs have their archer engauge mine then CHARGE amazingly this actually work with my sword units genrals cutting huge gaps in there ranks i lost half my force they lost half of thiers

i actually enguge that army again using the same tatics then due to loss of troops had to ratreat back to fukashima
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