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Topic Subject:Battle of Thermopylae
posted 02-21-12 01:32 PM EDT (US)         
Ok well people I am quite interested in History (not normal for a school boy maybe but so what!!!!!) So I decided I would be doing a series of Threads on Ancient Stories/legacies/battles Like This Thread is for The Battle of the 300 Spartans my next thread will be of Julius Caesar and so on so fourth.

Hope ou enjoy Reading!!!!!!!!

Despite the Defeat at Marathon by the Greeks in Athens in the year 490 BC The Persian Invasion was not finished...No Far from it if anything they were more determined to Conquer the Greek Land. Although a Victory for the Greeks The battle of Marathon barely registered to the Persians they did after all Control almost the entire world. King Darius Could not respond immediately because of Revolts in other parts of his empire. While he was repelling the Rebels he was killed in battle which put the Invasion on hold until His Son Xerxes raised to the Throne of persia after his fathers death in 486 BC. After the Throne truly was His he began to Muster his armies The Invasion on Greece had began well and truly again.....

By 480 BC Xerxes had come up with a enormous army some say it was around one hundred thousand some say it was less.....Some say it was more. Xerxes was determined to Avenge his fathers failure he was determined to rule all of Greece. And around a Navy of Six hundred ships. This army at the time would have been considered as the Largest force of Man kind. Even the gods would have feared Xerxes and his Invincible army.....

The Greeks Thank fully heard about the invasion and were better prepared and ready for the attack. Spartans and Athenians Joined with 29 Greek city states mustered there armies to prepare. Before long a Athenian General Themistocles convinced the Athenians that the war would be won at sea. This man knew if they could be stopped before they landed the war could very well be in the favor he persisted and said that a newly discovered Silver mine should be used to build a Navy. But Travel by sea was perilous; armies always traveled by land when possible. Xerxes decided to cross the Bosporus and travel by way of Thrace, Macedonia and Thessaly. To cross the Bosporus, he had a boat bridge built with each boat connected to the other with planks. This bridge would be over a mile long and required a perfectly calm sea. On several attempts winds and rough seas broke it apart. Frustrated and enraged, Xerxes ordered that the Bosporus receive three hundred lashes with a chain. Properly chastened, the sea remained calm and the bridge was completedSome Greek city-states in the north submitted to the Persians rather than face destruction. One reason was because the stronger city-states in the south, such as Athens, Sparta and Thebes, had decided not to meet Xerxes in the north. Thus these latter city-states stood alone against the Persian giant. The Greeks together had three hundred ships and ten thousand men, with the ability to raise about fifty thousand. They were led by King Leonidas of Sparta who brought with him three hundred Spartans. The small turnout of Sparta resulted from a disagreement as to where best to meet the Persians. Sparta wanted to fight at the Isthmus of Corinth, others wanted to fight further north and Athens still insisted that the war would be won or lost at sea.

The Greeks realized that it was imperative that Xerxes be delayed as long as possible so that the Athenians could desperately build up their navy. They decided to send an expeditionary force north to meet Xerxes, to fight the Persians at hopeless odds, and to sacrifice themselves in order to improve the chances of ultimate victory. They decided to take this stand at Thermopylae.

The Greek army, led by King Leonidas of Sparta, was about ten thousand strong and in position at Thermopylae, when the Persians arrived. Xerxes was incredulous that they would take a stand against his immense army. After impatiently waiting four days while warning them to surrender, he launched a massive attack. The Greeks, as at the Battle of Marathon, initially retreated drawing the Persian army into the narrow pass. Then they turned and waged a furious battle against the limited number of Persian who had entered the pass, thoroughly routing them. Time and again the attacking Persians, including the elite immortals, were unable to get through.

Ok I have done a small snippet on what is happening If you like and want me to continue ill be happy to oblige. Just leave a comment on your thoughts!!!!!!!

The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed.

-King Leonidas Of Sparta-

I Came I Saw I Conquered.
I am Julius Caesar I am Emperor and King of Rome.

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