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Topic Subject:Bigger Then Ever Before - Eurogamer Preview FotS
TWH Seraph
posted 02-01-12 10:39 AM EDT (US)         
Following up hotly on the tail of IGN's Fall of the Samurai preview comes a massive bombshell from Eurogamer's very own preview. SEGA and The Creative Assembly have heard the community's wishes for larger playable armies and have increased the size limit on Total War battlefield armies in Fall of the Samurai by a factor of two.

Ever had an army that you have had to divide up in to two different stacks which cannot appear on the battlefield as one massive 40 unit army? Of course you have, well now the unit card limit has been raised to 40, so twice the number of units can fit on to the real-time battlefield as one coherent army.

Wished Realm Divide was not so cut and dry? Tired of often losing long term alliances and vassals to the notorious 'late game'? Well then there might just be some good news for you on that front too, to quote Eurogamer's preview:
"That road has changed, too. The late-game Realm Divide stage is no longer a target painted on your forehead for everyone to aim at: Fall asks you to decide, once and for all, if you want to support the open-minded Imperial or isolationist Shogun agenda. All the trading, agreements, conniving, assassinations and daughter-marrying you've made up to this point can determine your allies and enemies for the final push. You could opt out of the entire process to form your own Republic, of course, but get ready for the incoming pain if you do."
There is even a simple explanation as to how the addition of railways work in Fall of the Samurai, which as we have heard previously only span certain sections of Japan. To once again quote Eurogamer's preview:
"Or perhaps supply isn't so much of an issue as you might think. Fall introduces a steam-powered rail network, the subsequent movement and trade bonuses completely changing tactical deployment with the ability to quickly transport troops across distances unimaginable to the common Japanese farmer a mere decade ago."
Read Eurogamer's full preview of Fall of the Samurai over on Eurogamer.

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TWH Seraph
posted 02-01-12 11:06 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Sounds Fall of the Samurai will reusing a few ideas from Empire: Total War, which for all it's fault is a great idea marred by a few faults in my opinion. Resentment from the general populace over technologically improving your nation, or Clan as it is for Fall of the Samurai, was always an interesting and historical drawback to modernising ones self.

The 'end game' for Fall of the Samurai has the potential to be particularly interesting if CA have developed well. Sounds like they are trying to cater both towards those who wish to conquer and govern all of Japan in their own name, and those who want to establish factional (Imperial or Shogunate) alliances and deals and see them keep from start to finish as reward for putting effort in to focusing on diplomatic ties.

Interesting caveat about the two fold increase in units allowed in battles. According to the PC gamer preview for Fall of the Samurai while 40 units can now be deployed in to battle at one time it is like the old RTW reinforcement system where anything above 20 units must be controlled by the AI. Now whether this is correct or not is subject to confirmation by SEGA or CA, since Eurogamer's preview mentioned no such thing and the gaming media aren't infallible when it comes to misquoting features.

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