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Topic Subject:RPS Preview: Rise of the Samurai
TWH Seraph
posted 09-01-11 01:11 AM EDT (US)         
Whether or not you have heard about Shogun 2's upcoming DLC entitled Rise of the Samurai you, like I, have probably been eager to know more about the new campaign and multiplayer content the DLC brings. Thankfully the chaps over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently got a chance to visit the Creative Assembly and find out more.

You can find just a small snipet of the preview below:
"The way that they fight in this period is also quite different." explains Jamie Ferguson. "You'll notice when you look at the unit shapes and sizes, they're a lot more spread out - the whole point here was about personal glory and victory. They weren't as organised in this period, it was all about individual fighting." As such your traditional tactics of having a nice heavy line of Ashigaru spearmen might have to be modified a smidge - smaller-scale powerful units are what it's all about, and four new Hero units have been packaged in to complement the focus on personal glory.
Headover to Rock, Paper, Shotgun to read their preview for the Rise of the Samurai DLC. Also, do not forget to share your opinions in our forum thread.

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