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Topic Subject:Total Tactics noob here
posted 10-11-12 02:05 AM EDT (US)         
am i posting in the right place?

I have played the other TW games (rome until now, skipped shogun 1) in the past but Shogun2 is by far my favorite. However, due to my inability to see the bigger picture in battles and process what needs to be done, i mostly devolve into sending my whole horde en masse as a blob that descends onto the enemy and then runs away routing. I'm terrible. i understand unit interactions (spears vs. cavalry, cav vs. swords and bows, swords vs. spears, etc.) but it's mostly army setup and how to react that i have had a really hard time learning. Is there a tactics guide or tutorial that someone can PM me, or just some advice? I'm gonna go full-pathetic here and beg someone to give me a sort of play-by-play of how a very general and balanced army should be commanded because in my loooooong run of Total War this is the first time i've been serious about actually doing well and playing the game right. Any help or advice is really really appreciated. Thanks!
posted 10-11-12 04:04 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Firstly, Welcome to the forums, secondly, wrong sub-forum, I have no doubt a mod will fix it. Don't Beat yourself up for it.

Now, to answer your problem, to tell you what to do would be bad, you should not rely on one strategy for your battles, anything could happen resulting in the failure of a plan. To improve though I would recomend watching commentary videos like Prince of Macedon, Heir of Carthage, or maybe the local Irishman5.

Also on RTW heavan there are a plethora of guides to read and nit pick from.

If you want a sparring partner, my steam name is Scenter101.
TWH Seraph
posted 10-13-12 11:13 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
There are some useful guides written for Rome and Medieval 2 Total War which can be applied to Shogun 2. I shall link them below for your convenience so you do not have to trudge through RTWH and M2TWH to find them.

  • [RTWH] Local Superiority: Gaining it and How to Use it
  • [M2TWH] Warfare: An Engineering Approach
  • [M2TWH] General Strategy for Newbies to Total War Games

    Though if there is anything you do not understand feel free to elaborate. If you are running a balanced army composition then your tactics can be fairly flexible. Many people deploy their infantry in the middle with equal numbers of cavalry on each flank as it offers a nice number of potential tactical options, such as using your cavalry to hit the enemy in the flanks or from behind. That is not the only way to deploy your troops though, as shown in the linked articles, but it may be the easiest to grasp at first.


    Also, moved to Land + Naval Battles forum since this deals with battlefield tactics.
  • Sean951
    posted 10-19-12 10:57 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
    That's more or less the tactic I developed for myself in Rome and I've stuck to it ever since. Though I do tend to keep my cavalry with my general in the center behind the line until I see the enemy so I can send more to a weak side.
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