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Topic Subject:Game locks up during pursuit - Shogun 2
posted 03-08-13 05:37 PM EDT (US)         
It happened twice that Shogun 2 locked up while I was pursuing enemy troops after a battle had been decided. This does not happen in Fall of the Samurai, but it has happened in two different games of Shogun 2, as the Uesugi and the Hojo. In both cases, my troops were chasing down fleeing foes and the game simply locked up. The animations stopped, the game would not respond to input from the mouse or the keyboard, and the image on the screen remained frozen in place. I was able to get out of the game by using Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

I tried the steam cache verification after the first lockup, but the second still occurred.

I was zoomed in during the second lockup, and possibly during the first lockup.

My system handles the game flawlessly when I play Fall of the Samurai, and there is no lockup when similar pursuits take place during that game.

The problem only occurs during Shogun 2, the original game.

Any ideas?
TWH Seraph
posted 03-10-13 08:42 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Ah... not sure why it would be doing that. Only thing I could even remotely think of was maybe updating or rolling back your graphics card drivers. Though that is usually not an issue, and so long after release you would think there shouldn't be such issues left remaining.

Could be a combination of issues or just one, or maybe try adjusting the graphics settings within the game and see if that is having an effect.
posted 03-14-13 08:29 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks for the ideas. I will play around with the graphics setting.

What is strange is that this problem does not occur in battles fought in Fall of the Samurai.

But it does occur in battles fought in the original Shogun 2.

And it does occur in battle replays, even if the battle was from Fall of the Samurai.

Very confusing.
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