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Topic Subject:Advice for Fighting Higher Rank Opponents?
Raptor X2000
posted 04-20-11 01:00 PM EDT (US)         
Hey everyone. I'm a long time TW player ant TWH member, but it's been a while since I posted.

Now, I've joined the TWH S2TW (or TWS2, not sure how the nomenclature works anymore) clan, and I've tried to conquer territory, however, I'm only rank 3 (I just got there after my last battle). For most of my battles, I was rank 1 and 2.

Now, I tried doing the random matches from the MP battle map, but I kept getting assigned opponents who were significantly higher rank than me (I fought at least 1 rank 10, 2 rank 8s, and a rank 7, all while I was rank 1 and 2). I lost all of these battles, most were "close defeats" or "costly enemy victory" or whatever they're called this time around. Only 1 of my 9 or 10 losses was a decisive defeat.

In every battle, what seemed to happen was that my enemy would field some 9-experience veteran naginata hero or some absurdly overpowered veteran units, with no other troops (occasionally a yari cavalry - but no ashigaru), as well as the untrained fugu cook retainer. Now, I did just about everything right tactically in these battles - I surrounded or flanked my enemy's units, charged cavalry from the rear into them, attacked them while they were climbing uphill or crossing rivers, and sent counter units to attack his (ie, my swords at his spears, my spears at his cavalry, etc). The problem, it seems, is that my armies, with no veterans, cannot take theirs on. And as long as I keep getting matched up with opponents who are 5, 6, 7 or more ranks higher than me, I keep losing!

Now, does anyone have any advice on how to destroy these juggernauts, or am I doomed to lose almost every battle because I keep getting matched against outrageously higher-ranked opponents?


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posted 04-20-11 03:11 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Raptor, I feel your pain. I have found myself in the same situation.

I managed to win one or two of those match-ups, and I think, in both cases, I was using the Trading Post retainer that gives -5% recruitment cost. Essentially, I used so many more units than my opponent that I was able to encircle and swamp him. Your best bet, though, it seems, is to target the opponent avatar at the earliest opportunity. The bodyguard is obviously a lot tougher at the higher ranks, but the morale blow to his army when the avatar dies is also a lot greater.

That's the best I can offer, but I'll be interested to see what everyone else says. I think the most significant difference is the number of retainers they can field. I can only have two active retainers, while I think at 7 stars, they can have four. That's, potentially, a lot of boosts to his units (or penalties for you).

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posted 04-20-11 04:49 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Welcome back, Raptop

Yeah, the main thing is to try an kill their general. Bow Ashigaru do a nice job, since they are cheap and have many more in each unit, sending arrows continually ranning on the avatar. Maybe use the inspiration ability for this aswell.

And on the caonquest map, concentrate on taking usefull regions and unlock better units.
posted 04-29-11 02:21 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
If they bring those hero units or very upgraded monks, they can only have a couple of units. Key is getting archers who can shoot fire arrows. Those veterans burn even if they have high armour upgrades. Keep your yari ashigaru close together with your general for moral. Then shower your opponent in fire arrows. If he comes for you just run away a little. Take care you dont waste to many arrows when the fire abillity is recharging. Also, matchlock ashigaru will do a fine job if you have unlocked them already, even shooting from behind your own infantry will do the trick.

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