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Topic Subject:Battle Report: Soulzityr
posted 04-09-11 11:33 AM EDT (US)         
1. Soulzityr vs. A007
Map: Foothills

This is one of my earlier games. I had just recently acquired calvary and was still focused on an archer-dependent mix. Upon retrospect it was actually pretty early since this was before I started going away from loan-sword use. I had a period where I thought spearmen were better since my infantry's sole task was to guard my bowmen, but eventually went back to loan-swords. This was before that, however.

I saved this replay because it was my first battle against Katana Samurai. He fielded lowly archer ashigaru and no calvary save his general, who had taken the bow up himself.

The map was an interesting one. Effectively, we spawn in southwest and northeast corners. There are 3 dojos. Archery dojo to my opponent's left, sword dojo to my right, and in the middle was a shrine dojo. On other side of the shrine dojo in the middle were two tall cliffs.

I immediately move to the left cliff, hoping to maximize my archer potential. I also sent my units of loan ashigaru to attempt to claim the shrine, hoping to bait him into some action that would put him under archer fire. However,

his archers were more numerous than I thought. I retreated to my cliff and he gathered at the base of his hill.

We didn't move for a long time before we both committed to the same action. Getting on the other side of the hill. He moved towards the sword dojo and I moved towards the archery dojo, both of our armies' respectable strengths. Looking back, I should've denied him this as I'm pretty certain it's what turned the tide. Katana Samurai+sword > bow samurai+bow

He also sent a unit to claim the center. My general and his bowmen quickly took it out and I used the advantage to establish superior middle advantage in the middle. Several infantry will hold the line on the shrine.

WE both captured our dojos and he immediately rushed my line lest I capture the morale shrine. However, as he rushed, I sent my calvary over HIS cliff. The plan is, of course, to flank. And flank hard.

His charge ensued.

His katana samurai were obviously destroying my ashigaru, but my calvary had reached the base of the hills on the other side, and were now attacking in a flank maneuver.

His remaining archers were quickly routed. I had chased his general but they proved elusive. Fearing the katana would overrun my infantry, I decided to leave him alone, and instead attacked his line.

By this point most of my ashigaru had routed. My calvary immediately attacked the left side's flank, and routed the samurai there.

With the left side won, I turned my attention to the right side.

All ashigaru are routed. The two katana samurai decimated the forces on the right side and were making a move on my katana bowmen. However, his general came back eventually to harass my army's left victory.

My calvary reach the two katana samurai.

THis was my goal. Shock value + calvary will tank the katana samurai while my bow samurai continue to rain havoc on them. However, it didn't work. My 4 units could not destroy his two.

His general routed my right flank and managed to kill my general, and his two swordsmen outlasted my left.

His two katana samurai and his general chase my last unit of bowmen.


To me, I won the tactical victory. My mistakes that cost me were neglecting his general and underestimating the katana samurai, believing my 2 calvary+2 bow samurai could take on his 2 katana samurai. Should've let my bowmen switch to melee mode as i repeatedly clashed his katanas with my calvary. Then his general would not be able to handle the 4 units (maybe 3 at that point). It was a gg.

This was my first battle report. Sorry it was so long

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posted 04-09-11 12:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Very good. So I guess he had the better army but had the better tactics?
Archery dojo to my opponent's left, sword dojo to my right
I think you may be mixed up there. On the mini-map it shows the dojo on their right. I think.
posted 04-09-11 12:06 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Ah you're right, it's to his left from my perspective! haha.

As for whether I had the better tactics, in my honest opinion, I thought I did, but I did make the key mistakes that he didn't. It was his mistake of letting my flank hit him so hard, and it was my mistake on how to deal with the two units. Overconfidence in my victory was what led to me losing. It was a good lesson learned. I do wish I had my Yari Samurai this fight, but it was before I had them. I felt like the game was really up to me. His katana were superior and he got the dojo and then made his push. It was up to me to fend it off. His slaying force was a "time limit" for my calvary. I think I ended up rushing out of panic, thus my decision to ignore his general when I probably should not have.

It's my personal belief that this battle was completely in my hands. It was up to me to win it or lose it. My underestimation of his katana samurai was the key. But it's also important to remember he did not engage me until the playing field was level, thus allowing his katana samurai to have their best effect, and I feel the dojo trade was to his advantage. At the time, I didn't think so though.

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HG Alumnus
posted 04-10-11 02:07 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Nice battle report, sounds like a real close one! Hope to see more of these

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