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Topic Subject:Notes on Mori legendary difficulty
posted 08-30-11 02:07 AM EDT (US)         
I chose Mori as the clan to play a long campaign of legendary difficulty. I chose them because even in Shogun 1 their starting area was my favorite area to play. I have completed a campaign as Mori on normal difficulty and although fun, it was way too easy! So I tried it on hard, very hard and legendary difficulties and was so surprised at how difficult it was. I couldn't even get to first base! This took a little trial and error but I found out how to at least get a good workable start on a long, legendary campaign playing the Mori clan.

I'm going to post my first 10 turns.
I tried this several times and came up with a couple different scenarios. If you come up with something different than I did then I'm afraid you'll have to improvise or else start it over again.
T1 -
Study Bushido Arts first to get the military bonuses from Strategy of Defense and Attack then switch to Chi Arts. (Once you study Chi you should start building markets)
Send your navy to that first incense trade node near Osumi & Satsuma, which would be at Tanegashima Straits. ~ You just want to hold it down until you can replace it with Trade Ships. Once you get a Trade Ship there, send it on to the next trade node. ~
Recruit 2-Bow Ashigaru
Improve Irrigation
Very Important - Offer Ouchi 10-turns of military access to join your war with Amako. Make sure they join.
Make a trade agreement with Kikkawa (probably not an alliance, although you could experiment)
End turn
T2 -
Sometimes the invaders on your border will leave right now and sometimes they won't. If they stay there then you should attack them now and follow up with another attack to destroy them. If they do go away then combine your army and position it in the woods next to your castle so it's in ambush position. (Mouse over your army and it will say if they can ambush.)
Recruit 2-Yari Ashigaru
End turn
T3 -
Position your ship on the trade node, it should be close enough.
If the invader is caught in your ambush, you can combine your army now and finish him off. Then move your army up towards the road.
Skill up your General.
Build 1-Bow Kobaya
Recruit 2-Ashigaru
End turn
T4 -
Send boat to Totsushima strait, the Korean cotton node I think.
Attack Iwami with your main force and send the ashigaru recruits at Aki along afterwards.
(In dealing with Amako, you'll want to let them come to you. Be looking for Ouchi to help you when Amako comes to win back Iwami.)
Now that you have captured Iwami your reward is an extra number of recruits in all your cities so...
Recruit 3-Ashigaru in Aki.
T5 -
Possible Threat of attack from Kikkawa! Propose hostage for an alliance with them.
Move new recruits to Iwami.
Build Trading Port at Aki.
T6 -
Place boat on Korean cotton trade node
Combine army at Iwami castle
Recruit 2-Ashigaru at Iwami
Attacked by Amako, auto-resolve a Close Victory
Attack survivors, auto-resolve a Decisive Victory
Move back inside castle
T7 -
Recruit 2-Yari Ashigaru at Iwami
T8 -
Improved Irrigation
T9 -
~ Ouchi may suddenly move a large army right up to your castle at Iwami. Don't be alarmed, lol. He's just getting in position to help you fend off an attack that may be coming from Amako. ~
~ On this turn you may have a host of options. What you do depends on who else Amako is at war with, if anyone. Other enemies may wipe them out. If that's the case, then do your best to make the victorious clan your ally and trade partner. Offer them 10-turns of military access or possibly a hostage. You want to find someone to watch your back while you go after Ouchi. I know that Kikkawa will ally with you on T1. See if they will ally with you when relations sour with Ouchi. If Amako lives then you need to think about making peace. Try to make them your ally to watch your back while you go after Ouchi and then Shoni. If you can't find anyone to help you then sometime in the next few turns you'll have to split your army in half and place them at the Ouchi borders. Then after war is started you let his army chase you around the mountain while you capture his castles. Capture them both and his army may disappear. That's an oversimplification but you get the idea. He may capture one of your cities, but eventually you'll get all his provinces while he's chasing you around and hopefully then he'll just disappear! I have seen them just turn into a large force of Ouchi Rebels. That's not good. I would just start the campaign over if that happens. ~
Recruit 1-Trade Ship
Send new Trade Ship to Tanegashima Straits. Make sure it doesn't get hung on a friendly ship along the way.
~ Ouchi may drop you as an ally and possibly be getting ready to attack you. Split your forces up and be ready to run him around the mountain and capture his castles while avoiding his main force or else see if Kikkawa will position a force near your castle in defense of Ouchi. ~
Recruit 2-Ashigaru at Aki
Recruit 1- Trade Ship
Send Trade Ship to the node

The rest is repetitive, building trade ships and dealing with Ouchi. Once they are out of the way you can concentrate on building up infrastructure, an army and a shipping empire. Your next conquest should be the island with Shoni, Ito, Otomo and Shimazu. That was a fun fight. They were all at war with each other and I just made allies with one and fought the others. Be sure to build monasteries in all those Christian provinces because you'll need to convert the population back to Budism before you can leave the island. After that's done, your next enemy should be Chosokobe. So easy that was. After they are subdued you can turn on your ally, Takoaka or whoever you get to watch your home provinces for you. Takoaka had more navy than I've ever seen! That was a clue that they didn't have much infantry protecting all their provinces and I was able to run through them very quickly. That navy will quickly disappear once you get close to Kyoto as they convert to infantry to protect what provinces they have left! Trade Nodes, I had 5 of them with 10-trade ships stacked on each one. I assembled 4 armies on my borders and started my attack on Takoaka in 1569 and just worked my way through their provinces until I reached Kyoto around 1575. It was easy until I got to Kyoto, resistance became stiff to say the least and I had to fall back a little and regroup. Expect 5, 6 or maybe as many as 8 armies to deal with at once, not counting the ones in Kyoto. I had to quickly raise my number of armies in the field and was in control of Kyoto by 1580. I captured my 40th province in the year 1585 with 15-years to spare.
One thing that stands out in my mind about this campaign is how many ninjas, mettsukis and monks they flung at me. They were everywhere! I lost quite a few generals and even some Mori daimyo sons to ninjas! It was not a cake walk. It was just the challenge that I knew it would be. I auto-resolved all my battles because I wanted to hurry up and get this done quickly, as I needed the achievement, but also to prove that ya don't have to be a battlefield genius to complete difficult campaigns. If I can do it, anybody can. Lol. Good luck and y'all enjoy this fine game.

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Seraph Emeritus
posted 08-31-11 04:32 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
First, let me welcome you to Shogun 2 Heaven! Enjoy your stay.

Interesting approach not building anything to save up income for diplomacy. Never did that myself, but I can see how it works.

A few observations about the article:

The tactics section at the beginning mainly describes tactics for after the first few turns. I usually prefer to place that after the turn-by-turn descriptions so it is in chronological order.
the end came swiftly on turn 69.
Do you mean turn 6 or 9 or actually 69? 69 wouldn't be what I call swiftly.
If your closest ally Kikkawa decides to, he may go to war with Matsuda and you don’t really want to get involved in that.
I'd reword this to: "Your closest ally, Kikkawa, may go to war with Matsuda and you don’t really want to get involved in that."
If it happens then it will come around turn 5 or thereabouts and no big deal starting over.
I'd replace "and" with "so", since the last part is a conclusion based on the first. Also, "around turn 5 or thereabouts" is a tautology, remove either "around" or "or thereabouts".

All-in-all, a nice article. Well done Wardaddy, especially considering this is only your first post here!

posted 08-31-11 04:55 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks for your warm welcome Hussarknight. I appreciate the commentary. I didn’t know what a “tautology” was until you illustrated it, lol. Thanks. I'll try to pay more attention when writing here.
One thing I should stress about this Mori campaign is that it never goes the same way all the time. If you plalyed this campaign over and over you'd find that Amako and Kikkawa will ally or go to war with different clans. A lot of things are possible and will have a direct effect on who you ally with and who you go to war against.
From the very start you want several things. You want Ouchi to help you hold off Amako and weaken them to the point that they will be easy to defeat. Then whether you defeat them or not depends on who their allies are and who they are at war with. It will be different from one campaign to another, so look to make a strong ally that you can count on to secure your northeastern borders against invasion while you are off expanding your southwestern borders. You may have to do extensive fighting just to secure those borders but it goes much easier if you have a strong ally there to watch your back.

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